1988 Convertible, engine rebuild

Post date: Jul 09, 2011 7:47:12 AM

Last year the engine in my 1988 convertible RX-7 completely seized up on me. Upon the recommendation of another convertible owner, I decided to get Mike Harrington to rebuild the engine. I removed the engine myself and delivered it to Mike. He made various suggestions regarding things to do or not do on the rebuild, and we figured out exactly what I wanted done. Throughout the process Mike worked with me, keeping me informed of what was going on with the engine, and allowing me to bring down additional parts while he was still working on the engine.

After Mike finished re-building it, I picked up the engine, and re-installed it myself. Mike was extremely helpful throughout the process, responding to technical e-mails very quickly and informatively. After I got the engine running, there was an exhaust leak problem in the engine bay. Mike drove up to my house in VA to help me fix the problem, which he fixed on the first attempt.

The engine is now running great, and is not even exhibiting the normal reluctance to start of new rebuilds, or even a lumpy idle; it sits perfectly at ~700rpm, with only about 100 miles on it. I would recommend Mike to anyone who needs affordable, high quality work done on their RX-7, he really knows these cars inside and out.

-- Colin Ward