About me

I've worked for the Air Force as an Avionics tech, civilian aviation as a tech and as an engineering salesman, and extensively in IT. I have an AAS, BS, about 2/3 of an MBA, and a JD. I'm a licensed Ham Technician, FCC General Radiotelephone operator, and refrigerant mechanic, of all things. I spend my days using my brain to make money. As a creative person, all my hobbies rely on my hands... I refer to it as 'grease therapy'. I like to build things out of metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass, you name it. I learned in my years in the USAF that I can fix anything. As a perpetual tinkerer, I can usually make it better while doing so. And as a person who doesn't make his living doing it, I have fun along the way.