1984 S, engine rebuild

Post date: Jul 09, 2011 7:51:54 AM

I had to have my accelerator pump replaced. I gained 12HP with it operating properly; up to 137 WHP with the timing set normally. So, looks like your rebuild is performing better than the typical job (according to Racing Beat 137 WHP is on the high end of expected WHP for a 12A with street port). The compression still seems low as measured by the Carrboro mechanic I use (I'd still like to get a Mazda expert to do a compression measurement with gear made for a rotary); but I can't complain about the performance.

--Bob Medred

Note: Stock HP from a 12A is 101 at the flywheel. I built Bob a street ported 12A with many internal upgrades, and sent his Holley carb off to Racing Beat to be retuned for a ported engine... the result, 137 wheel HP = ~ 183 flywheel, almost doubling power.