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posted Mar 21, 2013, 11:31 AM by Michael Harrington

Hi Pops. I'm trying to post a reply to the "LEOs are going fishing thread, and I get this error:

You don't have permission to access /posting.php on this server.

Only when I post the specific reply I had typed. Any ideas? I'll try to paste it here:

[quote="Cohiba"]but if someone would please direct me to the portion of the law that says I am required to perform an ID check or background investigation on a private firearms transfer I'd love to read it.[/quote]

That is a point this thread is not intended to address. We've discussed it elsewhere.

//back to topic: I also would have thought it was just someone wanting to buy 'off-grid' except for all the email address shenanigans. If you want to conceal your identity, as a normal joe, you just go get another email address (gmail or hotmail or what have you) with fake info. You don't take steps to mask your identity.

The point may not be to permanently hammer someone with a federal crime. It might just be to financially break them; as in - they charge you with violating the USC. You have to defend yourself in court. If it's in federal court, you're probably talking $10k just to get started. If you have that kind of cash to waste, not even making a public point in the process, please go right ahead. By the time you get exonerated you'll be broke and it will be several years down the road. Meanwhile, you might have had to spend some time in jail, had your guns confiscated and have to sue to get them back (assuming they've not been destroyed), and so on. This is a executive decision, non-political way to reduce straw purchases and trafficking by making it too darn expensive (not to address the debatable efficacy of such a move).

I'm not against law enforcement - I don't see it as a us-v-them system (yet). I just don't like them skirting entrapment to arrest folks that otherwise would have done nothing wrong. At that point you're arresting people mostly for being gullible. I see this all the time even though I generally don't practice criminal law - I've got too many peers on both sides of the issue to call it a fluke.

My thoughts on the hot-topic of the day, gun control...

posted Jan 2, 2013, 9:52 AM by Michael Harrington

I represent millions of Americans. I'm a moderate, in my case leaning Democrat, but I use and own guns and support the 2nd Amendment generally as an individual right.

There is a lot of bumper-sticker slogan politiking going on at the moment, and I find it opportunistic and reprehensible.

Here is a copy of text I sent to my Representative and Senators:

(Congressman), you stand at a crossroads in the history of our civil liberties.

The hot topic of the moment is Senator Feinstein's proposal for a new Assault Weapons Ban. Brushing aside the fiction of the "assault weapon", which is merely a normal rifle with certain "scary" physical appearances, this legislative proposal is a kneejerk reaction to the tragedy in Connecticut. A tragedy which her new law would have done nothing whatsoever to prevent.

I emphasize this point - and implore you to heed my request - do NOT support or help pass such kneejerk reactionary legislation.

As a responsible gun owner, veteran, business owner, and past crime victim, I support reasonable, well-reasoned and constructed gun control. This legislation is none of those things.

Gun control legislation like required waiting periods, an abbreviated 4473 process for standard capacity magazines for popular rifles and handguns, and similar reasonable steps would result in fewer firearms and "high capacity ammunition feeding devices" in the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. In addition, please, Please support enforcement of current gun laws, such as arrests for declined Form 4473s; support financially and legislatively for enhanced communication between mental health providers and the BATFE, and put an end to illegal and capricious activities by the BATFE like Fast & Furious and their many documented cases of entrapment of otherwise legal gun owners and dealers.

These steps would significantly help prevent tragedies such as mass shootings, while allowing responsible, law-abiding gun owners to remain so.

With millions of Sen. Feinstein's "assault weapons" in the hands of such gun owners, with multiple millions of 30 round rifle magazines, 15-17 round pistol magazines, and other such "undesireables" currently legally owned, legally used, and not involved in crime or terrorism, it is irresponsible and unrealistic to expect to just make these boogeymen disappear.

Therefore, please support increased mental health care in the United States. While I know you are Republican and in general theory against the idea, how many lives would single-payer mental health care save?

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. To your staffers who help you process the massive load of email any US Congressman must receive, please convey my thoughts, and those of other reasonable, moderate gun owners, to (Congressman).

First Post

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Well, since as of 6/15 I nuked my Facebook account, this blog will serve as my update to the world. In maintaining a blog, perhaps I'll spend more time doing stuff and less time writing about it.

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